The Community Visitors Scheme

The Community Visitors Scheme is an Australian Federal Government funded initiative under the improved Aged Care Package set in place by the Federal Government in 1991, established to promote links between people living in an aged care home and the wider community.

Some of our volunteers and their Caring Canine Companions have been involved in this visiting Scheme since 1992.


The Aim of the CVS is to enrich the quality of life of residents of aged care homes who may be socially isolated or lonely.


By befriending a person living in an aged care home, volunteers have a chance to

Make a Difference to Someone's Life.

Our Support

We provide support and training sessions as appropriate. Our Co-ordinator is available between 9.00am and 5.00pm weekdays for support or information as required by you.

Please download the form below

Volunteer Application and Profile Form (PDF)

Print this form and post to address shown

Caring Canine Companions
PO Box 186
WELLAND   SA   5007
Phone:  0450 504 871

Friends for Older People

A Community Visitor volunteer sets aside time, at least once a fortnight, to visit and befriend a resident of an aged care home. Volunteers of the Golden Retriever Club of South Australia Inc, whilst building friendships, provide additional valuable therapeutic benefits with their CARING CANINE COMPANIONS.

The Golden Retriever Club of South Australia takes the Friends for Older People project a big step further - by the introduction of our Caring Canine Companions.

Apart from the fact that so many residents have had pets in the past, often having to part with them to reside in the Aged Care Facility, the therapeutic value of having a pet to cuddle has been proven beyond doubt to be exceptionally beneficial.